Providoc© DD80 documentation system

Reference: BS147.003

This is the latest device in the Biostep range.

It captures the image of the plate thanks to its high-resolution digital camera (24 million pixels) equipped with a high-performance auto-zoom, autofocus lens.

Its high sensitivity enables detection of weak fluorescence.




With Providoc© DD80 documentation system, you have not only the opportunity of recording images under white light but also under UV light.
Therefore, the fluorescent behavior of the substances can be documented and helps to identify the substances. It is advantageous
to record the images of a TLC/HPTLC-plate under white light, UV 254 nm, UV 310 nm, UV 385 nm and 366 nm without changing the position of the plate for observing the spectral properties of a given spot precisely. For this reason, it is important that the darkhood is equipped with light sources for white light, UV 254 nm, UV 310 nm, UV 385 nm and 366 nm which can be switched on/and off optionally. Another point is the necessity of a high
resolution camera with high colour fidelity. Images recorded in this way can be quantified by an appropriate software similar to the
process with electrophoretic gel

The illumination cabin is equipped with 2 EPI white-light lamps, 2 UV 254nm tubes, 2 UV 366nm LEDs, as well as 4 UV 310nm LEDs, 2 UV 385nm LEDs and a white-light lamp for transmission reading, all with appropriate filters.

Images are displayed directly on yourcomputer using dedicated software Argus X2 software.

The TLC images are processed by the Argus X2© dedicated software.

Ability to add annotations, zone markings, Rf scale

Providoc© DD80 documentation system complies with CF21 Part 11 (optional)

Option: IQ/OQ certificates

Technical specifications:

Detection area: 200 x 200 mm

Superior illumination

  • White light: 2 x 1 LED white light
  • UV254 nm: 2 x 1 Hg low-pressure tube
  • UV310 nm: 2 x 2 Hg LED
  • UV385 nm: 2 x 1 Hg LED
  • UV366 nm: 2 x 1 Hg LED

Lower illumination:

  • White light: 2 x 1 LED white light transmission

Power supply: 110 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Dimensions (D x H x W): 450 x 400 x 680 mm

Weight: 33 kg


Additional information


230V, 115V